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Condominium Management

SBS Management LLC is proud to offer professional condominium management services to condos of all shapes and sizes. Our managers are completely licensed and know what it takes to be in charge of a condominium living space. We will oversee legal and financial responsibilities, ensure property maintenance and repair, and oversee consistent communication between owners and the corporation.

Hiring a condominium management company is essential for success, and our business has so much to offer you.

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Located in Saint Clair servicing Saint Clair, Marysville and Lexington

Our Condo Management Company

Trust Us to Handle Legal and Financial Responsibilities

Managing a condominium is about much more than ensuring the physical well-being of the property. Our property managers take on a wealth of financial and legal responsibilities, including but certainly not limited to:

  • Collecting common expense fees from owners in the building
  • Keeping financial records for the corporation
  • Creating an annual budget for the corporation
  • Monitoring the corporation's insurance
  • Preparing financial reports annually
  • Advising the condo board of their financial responsibilities

While the abovementioned responsibilities cover most of what our managers do, the specific tasks will depend on the corporation itself. If you'd like to discuss your unique expectations, our experts are happy to chat with you, so don't hesitate to get in touch.

Licensed Condominium Property Managers

Keep Your Building in Tip-Top Shape

Owners in a condominium are responsible for caring for their individual apartments, but the common areas are cleaned, repaired, and maintained at the corporation's expense. The role of our management teams is to ensure regular maintenance and prompt repair on the property. We will hire trusted cleaners and contractors and oversee their services. It is also our responsibility to respond to emergencies on the property.

Our condo management company understands the vast responsibilities we take on, especially when it comes to ensuring your premises' ongoing safety and it's not something we take lightly.

Professional Condominium Management Services

Clear and Consistent Communication

Our commitment to communication makes our experts one of the most trusted condominium management companies in the area. We will respond to owner complaints, report on the corporation's affairs to the owners, and organize and oversee board meetings.

We act as a liaison between the corporation and everyone who owns property in the building. Ensuring this line of communication is clear makes for a smooth, successful operation.

Friendly and Reliable Condominium Managers

Our experts have years of extensive experience managing corporate properties, and we're confident you'll be happy with what we have to offer you. Not only is our team professional and reliable, but we are also friendly and approachable. We know how important it is to build strong working relationships with you and your team, as well as owners on the property, and we make it a priority.

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